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Ready to put SkinRemodel's skincare regimen to work on your skin?
Note: If you haven't already seen how and why these products work, please visit our
SkinRemodel copper peptide tutorial here.
Photo of the 1 oz (x2) Skin Biology Serum Pack
We are pleased to offer a starting kit that we recommend to be used as follows:
a) Morning : After facial cleansing, apply a few drops of CP Serum to your fingers and spread onto your face. A moisturizer may be applied afterwards. The Serum is a coppery-blue, but is not visible after being applied to the skin.

b) Night : After cleansing, apply a few drops of Exfol Serum to your fingertips and spread onto your face. Exfol serum is a combination of 2% Salicylic acid and allantoin, and is designed to help loosen your skin cells, further stimulating the turnover of skin and bringing the newer skin being promoted by CP Serum, to the surface. Depending on your skins sensitivity, you may wish to initially start by applying every other day and working up to daily application.

c) Optional, but highly recommended : We highly recommend you begin supplementing your diet with some form of Essential Fatty Acids (the Omega-3's you read about in the news). Found in flax seed oil and fish oil, these EFA's are deficient in 4 out of 5 Americans. However, they play a very important role in the health of your hair and skin, and remodeling your skin without the necessary EFA's is a bit like remodeling your house while being short on lumber. We are planning on adding an EFA supplement to be available with our skin care kit, but at this time do not offer it (still researching the optimal formulation). You may wish to check or and browse their EFA supplements.

How long until results? You may see results as quickly as one week (primarily an increased glow to your skin as the blood capillary network is rebuilt); however, wrinkle reduction and smoother skin can be expected in 4-6 weeks. The Serum pack we offer should last you between 2 to 3 months.

Both the CP Serum and Exfol serum are water-based, with no lipids or oils. They are thus perfect for use on acne-prone skin, and on oily spots as well.

These are potent products, so only a few drops are needed per application. Lathering the product on will not increase your results!

The Skin Biology CP Serum Starter Pack consists of:

a) 1 oz Aqueous Exfoliation Solution: 2% Salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid*) and allantoin
*many dermatologists believe beta hydroxy acid is safer than alpha hydroxy acids for long term use. The European Commission has stated that alpha hydroxy acids can increase damage to DNA in skin cells.

b) 1 oz CP Serum: water-based lipid free Copper Peptide solution

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