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What do these ultrasound photos have to do with skin remodeling? Read on!
Reversing Skin ageing with Copper Peptides

Skin regenerating Copper-Peptides are the body's natural signal for Skin Renewal and Remodeling

A specific copper peptide complex, known as GHK-Cu, forms the basis of all of Skin Biology's products. Discovered during research into methods for reversing human aging by Dr. Pickart (the founder of Skin Biology), this peptide is a naturally occurring complex already found in your body (but one whose % declines with age), and appears to be the primary activator of skin remodeling. Your body generates GHK after tissue injury, where its purpose is to remove scar and tissue debris and aid in the rebuilding of new tissue. When applied topically, various clinical studies have shown that GHK-Cu activates the processes of removal of damaged scar tissue and deposition of new other words, it prompts the rebuilding of new skin, including the removal of scar and tissue debris, as well as the degradation of existing collagen, and synthesis of new collagen.
Solution structure of GHK-Cu
The results of this stimulation: increased thickness of the epidermis and dermis, increased skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, removal of skin imperfections such as blotchiness and sun damage marks, and significant increases in subcutaneous fat cells.

In other words, it helps revert your skin, biologically, to a younger state.

This is a very different approach than most cosmetic wrinkle products, which often rely on hype, slick marketing, and all too often, 'cover-up' type of approaches involving light diffusion to give the illusion of younger, smoother skin. Additionally, most rarely offer independent clinical studies to verify any claims their marketing makes. A common trick - vitamin C has been clinically proven to be beneficial to humans. Therefore, if the cream contains Vitamin C, then by association it too has been 'clinically proven'. Of interest, numerous cosmetics have been fined for making false claims about the efficacy (ability to generate results) of their products. One example: Home Shopping Network paid a $1.1M fine to the FTC for unproven claims about Serious Skin Care and related products in 1999.

In contrast, the GHK-Cu peptide used in Skin Biology's products have been proven in over 42 clinical studies,and shown to reduce wrinkles, improve epidermal thickness and skin elasticity, and stimulate new collagen development. A sampling of some of these studies:

Appa et al reported that in eight weeks, a GHK-containing liquid foundation improved epidermal thickness, increased skin elasticity, and improved skin appearance (1). Abulghani et al reported GHK-Cu was more effective in stimulating new collagen development than vitamin C, retinoic acid, or melatonin (2).
Leyden et al found, in another eight week study, such creams to reduce visible signs of photodamage and increased skin density in eight weeks on facial skin (3) and also in a further, placebo-controlled study (71 females, 12 weeks) found that GHK-Cu-containing face creams reduced wrinkles and fine lines while increasing skin elasticity, density and thickness while another placebo-controlled study (41 females, 12 weeks) found that a GHK-Cu containing eye cream reduced wrinkles and fine lines and improved eye appearance (4).

Dr. Pickarts discoveries related to GHK-Cu and their tissue regeneration are available exclusively in Skin Biology products. Five US patents have been granted to Skin Biology for the exclusive use of this technology (US 5,698,184, US 5,382,431, 5,858,993, US 5,888,522, US 5,554,375, and pending patents).

Skin remodeling is similar to wound healing...

On a related note, children have beautiful skin because their skins remodeling processes work efficiently and skin damage is rapidly removed. Unfortunately, as people age, these processes slow dramatically and work less efficiently, resulting in the appearance of aged skin.

Skin remodeling is best understood in the context of wound healing. Cosmetic remodeling of uninjured skin appears to be a similar process since the human body uses the same, or slightly modified, biochemical mechanisms, over-and-over again, for closely related purposes. Many dermatological techniques (lasers, dermabrasion, chemical peels) used for skin remodeling actually induce a mild wounding to trigger the remodeling process. Topical application of Skin Biology's products help signal your skin to remodel via the application of GHK-Cu, resulting in newer, younger skin without the mild wounding.

Show Me:

As always, the proof is in the pudding however, so lets look at some actual photos with accompanying ultrasound.

Before: Photo of a 59 year old woman before one month of topical application of copper-peptide cream. To the right, an ultrasound scan of the skin. The white-yellow colours are the ultrasonic reflections from skin regions that are more dense (i.e. firmer skin sections).


After: Photo and ultra-sound, one month later, after topical application of Skin Biology's copper-peptide complexes.


Besides the visible reduction of wrinkles, note the significant increase of white-yellow in the ultrasound. The increased amount of white-yellow reflections are due to closer cellular binding and increased collagen and elastin. This is opposite to the usual thinning and loosening of skin during aging.

Ready to see for yourself? We've prepared a starter pack consisting of 1 oz of both CP Serum (the copper peptide complex) and Exfol Serum (beta hydroxy acid, used to help loosen the outer layer of dead skin to make way for the new skin cells).

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